First Aid for Pets

The program is designed to provide certified knowledge in First Aid for animals. It is certified by ECSI and Pets American Organization.


The program leads to the acquisition of an internationally recognized certificate from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), a worldwide reputable organization, partner of Pet American ORG.

The program is suitable for pet owners. It is designed to be comprehensible without any prerequisite knowledge being necessary.
This program, through theoretical and practical training as well as the use of interactive materials, aims to train the pet owners in how to provide temporary urgent care to their pets until they reach the veterinarian. The program gives the pet owners useful information on pet care before, during and after an emergency.
- Prevention of injuries

- Personal safety precautions in order to enable participants to identify and reduce the risks of an emergency

- Wide range emergencies regarding pets

- Bleeding

- Bite wounds

- Cardiac arrest

- Choking

- Burns

- Poisonings

- Traumatology etc.
The program’s duration is 4-6 hours.
- First Aid for pets’ book

- Training Certificate

- First Aid-provider for pets certification card